SPANISH & Mediterranean cuisine

Our location

Our restaurant, named El Faro in Spanish or ,,The Lighthouse’’ refers to the surroundings of our restaurant. El Faro is located at the beautiful Garðskagi, where there are two lighthouses that can be viewed from our dining room. Here you can also experience breathtaking sunsets, northern lights, arctic storms, huge waves and wildlife.

Our cuisine

Our cuisine is Spanish & Mediterranean, a fresh, down-to-earth, uncomplicated food that is full of flavour and based on high quality ingredients.

We put great emphasis on fresh Icelandic products in all our dishes so you can always be sure of the quality.

We pride ourselves on being able to say that we make all of our food from scratch in house, varying from our tasty sauces to our home baked bread and cakes.

About us

In 2021, two couples, Viktor and Jenný from Iceland and Inma and Álvaro from Spain, met for the first time. We met that summer in Flateyri, working together in a Spanish restaurant and became really good friends after an adventurous hiking trip across Hornstrandir. Very soon we found out that we shared passions like adventures, nature and of course FOOD.

It was during that trip when we realised that we could fulfil our dream together, opening our own restaurant, El Faro.



Homemade focaccia bread, with garlic alioli & tomato dippings.
- 290 -


Patatas bravas

Golden potato dices topped with our alioli & brava sauce.
- 890 -


Fried eggplant with a crispy cover, sesame seeds finished with a sweet touch.
- 990 -


Roasted vegetables and Serrano ham on a homemade grilled bread, topped with matured Icelandic cheese.
- 1.290 -


Traditional local dish with cod & potatoes in a creamy sauce, covered with melted cheese. Served with Icelandic rye bread and salted butter.
- 1090 -


Icelandic lamb meatballs with potato purée and rich brown sauce.
- 1090 -


Fried Icelandic soft cheese served with our homemade tomato jam.
- 1.390 -

Golden baked cod

Icelandic light salted cod with a honey-alioli golden crust, served with slow cooked vegetables and fresh herbs.
3.990 -

Grilled chicken

Boneless chicken with creamy cheese sauce, served with potato gratin, roasted cherry tomatoes and herbs.
- 3.990 -


Tender slow cooked beef cheeks, braised in red wine for several hours, served with rich brown sauce, potato dices and pickled carrots.
- 4.290 -

Kid Menu

Crispy chicken

Crusted fried chicken served with small potato fries & dipping sauce.
- 1.490 -

Pizza bread

Home made bread with pizza sauce & melted cheese, served with small side salad. Ham is optional as a topping.
- 1.590 -



Four flavors of these popular spanish crispy delicacies, chicken, mushroom, beef and shrimp. Falafel available as a vegan option.
- 1.990 -


You can pair a glass of sweet- or sparkling wine with our amazing desserts for only 800 kr. extra.

Apple tatin

Crispy puff pastry, vanilla & lemon custard, caramelized apples.
- 1.490 -

Baked cheesecake

Baked traditional cheesecake from Basque country, served warm with homemade berry sauce.
- 1.590 -

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse with crispy caramelized hazelnuts, confited orange, mango coulis and flaky salt.
- 1.490 -


Layered dessert with silky mascarpone cream and subtle coffee flavored sponge cake, topped with cocoa.
- 1.590 -

Kids Dessert

Please ask our waiter for the kid dessert of the day.


zucchini raviolis

Zucchini stuffed with mushrooms, dried tomato bolognese and vegan bechamel gratin.
- 3.890 -


The price for extra sauce is 200 kr.


We offer a good variety of vegan & vegetarian replacements.

Look for the signs:

Always vegan
Always vegetarian
Vegan option
Vegetarian option

Opening hours

Spanish Kitchen
Wednesday - Sunday from 17.00 - 21:30

Weekend Brunch
We host a Spanish Brunch as a pop up event on some weekends from 12.00 - 15.00. Stay tuned on our social media for brunch news!

Happy Hour
Every day from 15.00 - 17:30

Coffee Shop
Open every day from 14-17 except on Mondays/Tuesdays from 14-21

Bar Opening Hours
All days from 14-23:00



Norðurljósavegi 2, 251 Suðurnesjabær, Iceland
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